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Do you believe in fairy tales? Overtaken is my Gothic novel set in Greece, London, and the unexplored spaces of the imagination. A story about art, alchemy, and the power of memory, Overtaken is my first foray into the realm of magical realism. And I loved writing it! 

In her 5-star review, blogger and author Sherry Ellis says Overtaken is "a dark, intriguing fairy tale. A real page-turner!" MBR Bookreach calls Overtaken "a thoughtful and psychological novel."  And author C. Lee McKenzie writes: "Brilliant prose. Brilliant twists and turns. One of the best books I've read in a while."

The Great Scarab Scam

The Great Scarab Scam, my Egyptian mystery for young readers aged 8-12, began life as a homework assignment back when I was in the seventh-grade (!). Just like my heroine, Lydia Hartley, I had always wanted to travel to Egypt. Unlike me, though, once Lydia arrives in Cairo she is plunged into solving a mystery beyond her wildest dreams. (I simply got very sick.)

Midwest Book Review writes about The Great Scarab Scam:  "A charming read for pre-teens. Highly recommended."

 ​Don't Forget the Popcorn!

Valerie Storey, Author - Artist

The Essential Guide for New Writers, From Idea to Finished Manuscript

How to get started, and how to get published. I wrote The Essential Guide to go with my series of workshops--just for you! Whether you're a new writer, or a multi-published author needing some reminders and checklists to help with your daily page quota, The Essential Guide is a book we all can refer to again and again.

Better Than Perfect

My Young Adult novel, Better Than Perfect, is set in New Zealand where I lived for eight years. The story follows lonely teenager Elizabeth Haddon when she is sent from England to live with her wealthy relatives in Auckland. While she does her best to fit into her new life with humor and grace, Elizabeth is also forced to choose between being herself or being "better than perfect."