Valerie Storey, Author - Artist


Hello,  I'm Valerie Storey: author, artist, beader, blogger, potter . . . In other words, I write and make stuff. A lot of stuff! Whether I'm writing an experimental novella, working on a found poem culled from food magazines, using sumi ink the wrong way, or making my own stoneware beads, there's nothing I won't explore or try.

I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico but my background is as varied as my work. I grew up in Southern California and Auckland, New Zealand, later moving with my husband to London and then back to California, followed by Carrollton, Georgia, and now the Southwest. My professional background has been spent teaching creative writing together with freelance editing, and while I primarily consider myself to be a writer above all else, my true focus is to simply:  Stay Creative Every Day!

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